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To be the centre of excellence in coconut research, technology development and technology transfer in the region.


Generate knowledge and technology through excellence in research towards increasing productivity and profitability of coconut.


The Coconut Research Institute has a team of dynamic, enthusiastic and innovative scientists, qualified technical staff, and material resources and modern analytical facilities to support its research development. The Institute promotes collaborative research with other National Institutes and Private Sector Organizations. The Institute has eleven Research Divisions and five Service Divisions.


The Coconut Research Institute (CRI) is a National Institute founded in 1929 as the Coconut Research Scheme under the Coconut Research Ordinance No. 24 of 1928. The scheme established its headquarters at Bandirippuwa Estate, Lunuwila (North Western Province) and began its research activities with three Technical Divisions namely, Genetics, Chemistry and Soil Chemistry for assisting coconut growers with technical information on coconut cultivation. Following the enactment of the coconut Research Act No. 37 in 1950, it was renamed as the CRI of Ceylon. Since its establishment all scientific research on coconut in Sri Lanka were centered in it and gained national as well as international reputation for coconut research. Under the Coconut Development Act No. 46 promulgated in 1971, the Coconut Research Board was set up in 1972 to function as the Board of Management of the CRI. The CRI is a semi-autonomous research institution coming under the purview of Ministry of Plantation Industries.

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