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  • Developed six improved coconut varieties (CRIC 60 (TxT), CRIC 65 (DxT), CRISL 98 (TxSR), Kapruwana (DGxSR), CRISL 2012/Kapsuwaya (DBxT), CRISL 2013/kapsetha (DBxSR))
  • Established World’s first isolated coconut seed garden
  • Constructed Land Suitability Class Maps
  • Eliminated of Promecotheca cumingi
  • Introduced Pheromone trap for Red Weevil
  • Introduced Pheromone trap for Black Beetle
  • Prolonged shelf-life of tender coconuts for export market
  • Developed an Electronic Device for detection of Red Weevil infested palms
  • Introduced Biological control method for Coconut Caterpillar
  • Developed methodologies for Coconut paste, virgin coconut oil and heat recovery unit
  • Introduced Gliricidia as a bio-fuel crop
  • Produced dihaploid coconut plants from another culture
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