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Biometry Division


Provide specialist consultation in all disciplines of statistics, designing experiments data analysis, and database management and conduct applied/ basic research on biometrical aspects of coconut experimentation and climates impact on coconut.

Research Highlights

  • Forecasting country's coconut production annually for national planning activities.

On Going Research

  • Modeling national coconut production using integrated approaches.
  • Assessing climate variability in coconut growing areas.
  • Studying spatial and temporal variability of copra and desiccated coconut conversion factors and impacts on the coconut industry
  • Estimating the yield loss by Weligama Coconut Leaf Wilt Disease (WCLWD)
  • Forecasting the movement pattern of Weligama Coconut Leaf Wilt Disease (WCLWD) using Remote Sensing and GIS approaches.
  • Assessing temporal variability of soil temperature in different depths and identifying the relationship between ambient and soil temperatures.
  • Carrying out surveys on yield collecting for updating annual national coconut production.

Recent Publications

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